Caring for your wedding dress

Always entrust your gown to a specialist wedding dress dry cleaner. Considering the money and time spent on your beautiful gown, it makes sense to have your gown cleaned professionally. A wedding dress dry cleaner like Syndal’s Bridal Dry Cleaners is a professional in determining the kind of stains and how to remove them. They are also experts in cleaning beaded delicate laces, trims , silks , chiffon  and crystals  .

Syndal’s Bridal Dry Cleaners recommend having your bridal gown cleaned as soon as possible, as the earlier you have your gown cleaned the more success we have in removing the stains. Stains can set into fabrics if left for a long time especially on delicate silks, as they are a natural fibre and porous and therefore stains penetrate deeply into the fibres.

Syndal’s Bridal Dry Cleaners vs a general dry cleaner

A professional bridal dry cleaner like Syndal’s Bridal Dry Cleaners will be able to determine which treatment should be used on a particular stain and will have a better chance in removing that stain as opposed to a general dry cleaner. There are many stains, especially on wedding dresses, that cannot be treated in a traditional way as they may cause damage to fabric; another reason to have your bridal gown cleaned by a professional bridal dry cleaner.

The best way to determine the difference between a general dry cleaner vs a specialist wedding dress dry cleaner is to go directly to their store. If a dry cleaner has more general clothing than wedding dresses they are not a true specialist. A true specialist wedding dress dry cleaner will only clean & treat wedding dresses and bridal wear. They will also be able to treat other delicate items.

Syndal’s Bridal Dry Cleaners are Australia’s only true bridal dry cleaner, specialising in wedding gowns & delicate evening gowns only.

Wedding Gown Preservation options

Once having your wedding gown professionally cleaned, it is advisable to have your gown professionally preserved. Using a solid acid-free box is essential in preserving your gown correctly; complemented by using acid-free tissue. Many general dry cleaners use corrugated boxes that are flat packed. These boxes are imported from overseas and as they are flat packed, they get made up as they are needed, they will have gaps which can encourage silverfish to enter into the box. Syndal’s Bridal Dry Cleaners only uses 100% Australian made solid acid-free boxes & use acid-free tissue paper. As our boxes are not flat packed, you can be rest assured that there are no holes or gaps for insects to get into the box.

Once having your gown professionally cleaned and preserved, it is recommended you store your preservation box / bag in a cool dry & dark spot away from any direct sunlight . If you wish you can inspect the gown periodically, though if there are any seals that are broken, it is highly recommended that you re-seal them as this will ensure protection from any insects.

We were recently seen in Vogue magazine as the best wedding dress dry cleaners in Melbourne.