Wedding dress preservation

We also have a huge variety of wedding dress preservation that is available.

Our classic box is a fully solid, satin coated & resin coated box. These boxes are made in Australia exclusively for Syndal’s Bridal Dry Cleaners and are all acid-free .The boxes are all lined with acid free tissue paper and your gown is layered with acid free tissue to deter the gown from discolouring. The bodice area is filled with acid-free tissue paper, thus keeping the shape of the wedding dress. The boxes are then sealed for protection against silverfish etc & wrapped in a beautiful satin bow with a choice of colours to match the theme of your wedding or even to match the bridesmaids.

Another very popular way is in our preservation bags.

This patented design, again made exclusively for Syndal’s Bridal Dry Cleaners, is made to measure as our dressmaker comes to measure your wedding gown & makes a bag to suit it. All of the preservation bags are made from acid free imported fabric, again deterring discolouration from occurring. They are also lined with acid free paper & have a full length dress zip so the gown is easily viewable. We have a variety of preservation bags to choose from.

The difference between the acid-free boxes and the acid-free bags?

Both preserve the gown extremely well but the boxes are made for the clients who wish to pack their gown away and open it very rarely. Whilst the bags are made for the clients who are very attached to their gown & wish to see it on a very regular basis, as you take it out as often as you like & because it is in a bag it won’t get creased like in the box.

We also have veil boxes, accessory boxes, charm boxes & bodice bags which are ideal for two piece wedding gowns.

We also have acid-free preservation bags made especially for petticoats & shoes.